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Mauri Gomez Spanish Guitar

Mauri Gómez - Book Spanish Guitarist - Hire Flamenco band, Flamenco Dancers...

Welcome to my Official Website. Please take the time you consider to visit it and enjoy the tour. Thank you!

I offer concerts worldwide, whether it's with my bands or a Sound Journey accompanied by other musicians, playing several styles such as Flamenco, Spanish Classical music, Mediterranean and Spiritual Music.

Check out my new project with Flamenco Dancers, Spanish guitar, saxophone and cajón.

Apart from concerts, I work with sound therapy using Spanish guitar, Tibetan singing bowls, quartz bowls, Hang Drum, several types of percussion...

If you are interested in my music please feel free to contact me.

I hope you enjoy my website!

All the best,


Entremares: Book Flamenco Band for your event

Grupo de música

Hire the music band Entremares for your event, formed by Spanish guitar, percussion, winds and full of Mediterranean airs, fusing flamenco with world music. The two guitarists of Entremares play with the rest of the instruments with Mediterranean rhythms, creating a unique sonority.

Thálassa: The Mediterranean Music Experience

Mediterranean soul mixed with world music. A new concept of music band for your event, new videoclip, composition for two guitars, check it out in the below link!

Hire Chill Out & World Music Group Mareas

Chill Out Group specialized in both private and corporate events, ideal for Lounge ambients, summer, white parties ... Possibility to personalize each concert according to the type of event. Instruments such as the Hang Drum, the Spanish Guitar or the Indian Table are part of this interesting fusion.



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"The earth has music for those who listen"

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