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If I have to look for one of my earliest memories interacting with music, I guess I have to go to the kindergarten, where I started to play my first instruments... I started with a xylophone and keyboard, with which I was playing until they broke up... At that age, and having other toys, I was playing with other toys without giving greater importance... It was later when I had a more direct contact with the music through the computer, sequencers... The hand of a friend, and with the Fastracker II. From the first day it fascinated me to use all those virtual instruments to create music with whimsy.

I remember carrying my cassette with my compositions to show them to my friends... It was very diverse electronic music from Chill Out to House... Going through some sort of ballads... There were no laws and that's perhaps what I like, that in music, you are yourself, like in your mind, you have the ability of thinking about what you want, dream, laugh, think positive, get mad... I think that music allows you to inquire within you and express many things that otherwise you will not be able to express...

I am lucky of having the music with me for many years and apart from the individual way that means, I love to share it with others, whether playing guitar, singing, with singing bowls,... Or simply listening to it with someone or alone...

In recent years I have given music a therapeutic approach since I think that benefits are many. I believe that this approach is given by experience in multiple concerts in which I´ve played  and which have allowed me to see the reactions of the public, I´ve had truly magical moments in communion with people.

Singin with hundreds of people in unison, people who has started to play guitar thanks to listen to mine, see howmy music is heard in many countries on all continents...

I know that there are many things in life, but I currently don't know anything that has given me so much as the music.

My music attempts to transmit my joy of life, supported by the guitar, singing, playing with musicians, the sense of humor, love... And I hope that at some point we can connect and share a wonderful experience 🙂

With all my love,

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