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Chill Out Band

Book Chill Out band – Mediterranean & World Music

Book Mediterranean Chill Out music group, a fusion of flamenco, classical, bossa nova and spiritual music.

Mareas is a new concept of music band that mixes Mediterranean music and flamenco with Chill Out and Jazz or Bossa Nova, creating a unique sonority for the listener in each concert.

The band was formed in Spain in 2014 and it´s based in Barcelona, bu its available to perform worldwide. Since its foundation, it has played in more than 120 concerts and venues, always obtaining great public approval.

The group is formed by two guitarists which play spanish guitar, and a very versatile drummer capable of transforming his sound in each song with his drumkit using MIDI. Also he plays the Indian tabla, Hang Drum... This interesting mix is joined by a violinist or a flutist, depending on the needs of each concert.

The repertoire can vary the intensity in each concert, being able to start quietly as background music and ending with a cheerful atmosphere if the event requires it. The group is able to play from the quietest and most spiritual music to the most passionate and vibrant song, as they have a wide repertoire suitable for any type of event.

Mareas has participated in corporate and private events in Spain, France, United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Sweden, Holland...

The harmonic base of the band are the Spanish guitars, and due to the versatility of the drummer, it´s possible to travel with the senses all over the world in each concert, as the musicians master improvisation, creating a unique experience in each concert.

If you want to book an exclusive Chill Out Band, mixed with flamenco and spanish classical music, contact us without any commitment, we will be delighted to play for you! 🙂

Why book Grupo Chill Out band Mareas?

  • Experience in both Private and Corporate Events.
  • Customizable repertoire according to the event.
  • From three to eight musicians.
  • Unique instrumental fusion.
  • Based in Barcelona, available worldwide.
  • Flamenco and Spanish music roots mixed with World Music.

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