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Chill Out Band

Book Chill Out music band in Barcelona

Book Mediterranean Chill Out music band in Barcelona, a fusion of flamenco, electronic and spiritual music.

"Lotus: Blending World Music in Barcelona and Beyond"

Lotus is more than just a musical group; it's an amalgamation of cultures, sounds, and emotions that intertwine to create a unique musical experience. Based in Barcelona and available for international events, Lotus offers a captivating fusion of melodies that takes listeners on a sonic journey around the world.

Exploring Lotus' Unique Fusion

This innovative group is composed of talented musicians who elevate music to new heights. Mauri, on the electric nylon guitar, is the heart of Lotus, weaving sonic textures that blend the warmth and versatility of this instrument with contemporary electronic elements.

Pau, the percussionist skilled in tabla Indian and hang drum, adds an enveloping rhythmic dimension that immerses the audience in a hypnotic and thrilling percussive journey. His rhythmic abilities are the driving force behind the magic of Lotus.

Almudena's vocals, specializing in Hindustani music and mantras, elevate the experience to spiritual levels. Her unique and evocative style transports listeners to distant lands, making each song a transcendental experience.

Music Without Borders: Available for Events in Barcelona and Worldwide

Lotus is available for events in Barcelona and offers its unique musical experience for international performances. From cultural festivals and corporate events to special ceremonies and private gatherings, Lotus' eclectic fusion can adapt to a variety of occasions.

The diversity of musical influences and the group's ability to blend them make their performances an exceptional choice for events seeking a unique and multicultural sensory experience.

Experience the Magic of Lotus

If you're looking for a musical experience that transcends boundaries and elevates your event to new levels, Lotus is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in an ocean of eclectic melodies and enveloping rhythms that will leave a lasting impression on all attendees.

For bookings in Barcelona or events in other countries, Lotus offers a musical proposal that blends global sounds with local essence, taking the audience on an unforgettable journey through world music.

Why book Chill Out band Mareas?

  • Experience in both Private and Corporate Events.
  • Customizable repertoire according to the event.
  • From three to eight musicians.
  • Unique instrumental fusion.
  • Based in Barcelona, available worldwide.
  • Flamenco and Spanish music roots mixed with World Music.

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