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Book or hire Flamenco dancers and musicians for events in Barcelona

Flamenco band for hire for your corporate or private event.


Do you want to hire a flamenco show for your next event? You are in the right place! Our flamenco band offers an immersive visual show combining dance and flamenco music, evoking the most pure spanish roots.

The musicians play from the most traditional flamenco to modern flamenco, mixed with classical Spanish guitar, resulting in a unique combination.

Our flamenco music band consists of two Spanish guitars, saxophone and drummer, and two dancers, being able to customize it for every event. We can add more flamenco dancers or more musicians, such as violinist, bass player, flamenco singers...

Our specialized flamenco dancers provide world-class entertainment and an authentic spanish experience. Recognized worldwide for their sensuality, poise, precision and pure passion, our flamenco dancers have a unique sense of powerful rhythm.

There are numerous styles that represent flamenco dancing, and with our outstanding roster of dancers we can find the perfect style to match your event; if you are looking for a purely traditional performance where our dancers incorporate flamenco dresses, castanets and abanico (the spanish fans); if you want a more modest, stripped-down style to suit your elegant event, we can provide what you need; if you want the flavor of flamenco but a more contemporary, multi-generational twist, then we have more flamenco fusion style.

The art form of flamenco dance, as we now recognize it, originally took shape in the late 18th and early 19th century, originating in the traditions of the Calé Roma or Gypsies. The dance style is uniquely Andalusian, blending Spanish and Gypsy cultures: the very word flamenco is a portmanteau, a literal combination of several cultures and styles.

Flamenco music is composed of more than 50 alternative styles or "palos". The most well know around the world its the rumba, but also we can perform Bulería, Tangos, Siguiriya, Soleá, Alegrías...

Our flamenco ensemble its perfect for corporate or private events, weddings, festivals, themed events...

If you are not sure in which formation its the most suitable for your event, just contact us and we will be delighted in prepare a Taylor-made proposal.

Why hire our Flamenco Band?

  • Wide experience in corporate and private events.
  • Customizable show in number of musicians, dancers and repertoire.
  • Based in Barcelona, available worldwide.
  • Exclusive show.

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