Mareas is an ode to the fusion of cultures, with 5 musicians from 5 different countries: Chile, Brazil, Spain, France and Nepal. This fascinating mix creates a unique sound, blending instruments as diverse as the Indian tabla, the Flamenco cajón, the Spanish guitar, the Hang Drum, the saxophone, the electroacoustic guitar or the Bansuri (a bamboo flute from Nepal).

Every concert follows certain guidelines while also being made unique by the gift for improvisation that all these musicians share. In each piece there are touches of Flamenco, Jazz, Bossa nova, Indian music, Chill Out…

The line-up and the repertoire can be adapted to each venue, from a relaxing Chill Out in the background to a concert in a festival or in an auditorium: we can enliven any event or atmosphere. We also have the option of adding a female singer to give our sound a different hue.

Below you can watch the promotional video: