Barcelona, known for its cultural diversity and musical vibrancy, is the perfect stage to immerse oneself in the authenticity of flamenco and the prowess of the Spanish guitar. Mauri Gómez, a recognized musician in the local scene, leads musical projects that explore the boundaries of these genres, notably Thálassa and Mareas, offering unique experiences for every event.

Thálassa: Exploring Mediterranean Fusion

Thálassa, a musical creation led by Mauri Gómez, is a guitar duo that blends the warmth of the Mediterranean with the intrinsic passion of flamenco. Each melody woven by this duo evokes vivid imagery of the sea and coastal landscapes, taking the audience on a sensory journey through the cultural richness of the Mediterranean.

Mareas: Melding Hindustani Sounds with Mediterranean Echoes

In the Mareas project, Mauri Gómez ventures beyond musical borders by merging the electric nylon guitar with Hindustani music, the hang drum, and electronic bases. Almudena, the talented vocalist of the group, adds a spiritual dimension with her rendition of mantras and Hindustani melodies, creating a unique amalgamation of sounds.

The Spanish Guitar: Soul of Flamenco Passion

The Spanish guitar, central to Mauri Gómez's music, is a pure expression of emotions and sentiments. His mastery and dedication to this instrument make him an ambassador of flamenco, transporting the audience through intimate melodies and passionate rhythms.

Unforgettable Musical Experiences

Hiring Mauri Gómez and his team of musicians in Barcelona ensures an immersive and captivating musical experience. Whether enjoying the Mediterranean fusions of Thálassa or exploring the eclectic sounds of Mareas, each performance promises intense emotions and a profound connection with the music.

Your Event, Your Musical Experience with Mauri Gómez in Barcelona

By opting for the hiring of Mauri Gómez and his musical projects in Barcelona, you'll dive into a world of musical emotions. Every chord of the Spanish guitar and each fusion of musical genres promises to transform your event into a unique and enriching experience that captures the essence of music in the city.