Sound therapy with Singing Bowls has, according to music therapy, a very powerful healing effect, as well as a great beauty.


A healing sound massage with Tibetan bowls and singing bowls, as well as other instruments such as the Spanish guitar, the Hang Drum, rain stick... The Tibetan bowls are used knocking them or by rubbing with a rod producing a sound full of harmonics of a healing nature. The patient lies down, close the eyes, and concentrates exclusively on the sound produced by the therapist who plays bowls. The Tibetan bowls are used as guides in ceremonial rites, the awakening of consciousness and healing of diseases both physical, psychic, mental emotional and spiritual level. The Tibetan bowls are composed of an blend of seven metals: silver, gold, mercury, Tin, lead, copper and iron and are completely handcrafted.


I offer concerts of Tibetan bowls as well as music therapy sessions accompanied by Spanish guitar, Didjeridoo, Tibetan bells... An experience of sounds of the world that can vary depending on the type of event: I can go alone or with several musician friends that help me with the concert, some of the instruments that I can bring are: Hang Drum, Bansuri, quartz bowls, Gong, Spanish Guitar, we can even come the whole Mareas group. The concerts are suitable for therapies, yoga centers, festivals... I also offer workshops around the world. In addition to the concerts of Tibetan bowls in Barcelona I can also offer meditations, sound travels, sound therapy... If you think that we could collaborate in any way don't hesitate to contact me using the contact form, I will be happy to contact you!


Across the sound-based therapy is based on the principle of resonance, whereby a more intense and harmonic vibration spread to another weak, dissonant or not healthy. The principle of resonance designates the ability that has the vibration of reach beyond, through vibratory waves and cause a similar vibration in another body. I.e. it is the ability that has a frequency change to another frequency. Also the sound change our brainwaves, helping us to enter into other levels of consciousness, where the spontaneous healing and mystical, making us more receptive to auto-healing States are possible. The third factor of the Tibetan bowls sound therapy are the harmonics. Whenever there is a sound appear harmonics. These harmonics have highly beneficial effects on our bodies and our energy field. Although we can not hear frequencies that are outside our field hearing, or we can produce sounds or frequencies that are outside our ability, however using the harmonic we can resonate with them.


Great sound therapy experts have already discovered scientifically that sound can be the self-destruction of cancer cells and cure of many diseases. The Tibetan bowls are instruments of healing, healing, relaxation and meditation, helping us to establish a healthy vibration throughout our body, both physical, mental or psychological, emotionally and spiritually. People who have experienced a Sound massage with Tibetan and quartz bowls experiment great changes, mental clarity, increased creativity, greater concentration, greater vision for the future and a great sense of peace. There is a space of peace within ourselves and the vibration of the sound helps us to enter in it, to resonate with our true consciousness or higher self and that feeling of peace and serenity all of us. Physically used in the cure of any disease; to recharge our energy system, to alleviate the suffering and pain (includes emotional pain), to eliminate inflammations, for States of anxiety, anguish, stress, depression, sadness, insomnia, hyperactivity...