The sound, State of creation of matter and space. We are sound, we are an all frequencies in a unique and inimitable melody of musicality. The sonotherapy or sound therapy is classified as a vibrational therapy like homeopathy or Bach flowers. One of the basic fundamentals of vibrational therapies is the holistic view of the human acceptance: the matter, visible or body part and those not visible (subtle, energy) as emotional, mental, and spiritual. Sound therapy uses the sound of voice and musical instruments and certain devices in order to restore harmony and health, promoting a holistic development of the person. Therefore, in addition to addressing physical health, mental and emotional, it goes beyond. The sound massage is effective for stress, insomnia and emotional imbalances, to alleviate pain, altered States of consciousness and induce a general feeling of well-being. It is a good complement to conventional medical treatment. It also tends to apply to children with autism, the sound stimulus interferes directly in the brain that makes them and open new channels of communication. Through sound vibrations it is possible to balance the various organs or body systems based on certain phenomena described by classical physics. It is based on considering the human body as a resonance system with the ability to respond to a multitude of vibrations. Through the interaction of vibration or frequencies of tones audible, aimed at specific points or areas of the human body, is intended to restore the energy balance of their systems.