After a few months of hard work finally the disc has been released!! You can hear it or buy it at Spotify, Itunes , CD Baby .... This record is the result of many musical ideas that have been with me for many years and that have been greatly enriched by the invaluable collaboration of all the friends and/or musicians who have been so kind as to give away their time and ideas for my project. Many thanks to all of them for their participation and also to all of the people who colour my everyday life. I also want to thank all those who have been in my life only momentarily but have also left their own personal ingredients in my mix. All those surroundings, family members, friends, colours, feelings and textures that intertwine to make life such a miracle. And my deepest gratitude to music, for always being there. I really hope that if you listen to this record it will manage to transmit some of the emotions and experiences captured in it. iTunes Amazon Buy


Release Date : 7 December, 2016