The Thalassa Guitars evoke the Mediterranean essence in every note.

Thálassa is a musical project in constant evolution where several styles are mixed, resulting in a unique sound highly recommended for small or large concerts.

The essence of Thálassa is purely Mediterranean, so the Spanish guitar takes the lead when it comes to harmony and rhythm, opening up new musical paths with instruments such as the violin, saxophone, Indian tabla, the flamenco cajón...

The repertoire is also customizable to each event, being able to vary and taking more flamenco influences, more Chill Out or ambient music... It all depends on the type of event and audience.

Below you can watch a composition for a guitar duo:

Thálassa can also have a MIDI drumset, which gives the formation a tocuh of electronic music very suitable for Lounge environments.

Quintet and Duo pics:

Why Thálassa?

  • Experience in both private and corporate events.
  • Fully customizable repertoire and number of musicians.
  • Unique band, with world music fusion.

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